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Lee Weisert (b. 1978) is a composer of instrumental and electronic music. His recent work draws inspiration from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and reinterprets their respective principles into an artistic context.

His instrumental music has been played by nationally recognized performers and ensembles, including Steve Schick and the red fish blue fish percussion ensemble, the Callithumpian Consort, the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and the JACK string quartet. His pieces have been performed at several music festivals including the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP 2009, 2011), June in Buffalo (2008), and New Interfaces In Musical Expression (NIME 2009, 2012).

His electronic music, composed primarily in cSound and MAX/MSP, deals with algorithmic and chaotic structures in 4- and 8-channel spatialization. Along with composer Jonathon Kirk, he is a member of the Portable Acoustic Modification Laboratory (PAML), a collaborative sound installation team. PAML's most recent project, Cryoacoustic Orb, uses hydrophones frozen inside several large spheres of ice to create a dense and naturally-evolving soundscape.

Lee has degrees in music composition from the University of Colorado (BM), California Institute of the Arts (MM), and Northwestern University (DM). His primary composition instructors have been James Tenney, Michael Pisaro, Jay Alan Yim, and Chris Mercer. He is currently an assistant professor at UNC Chapel Hill.


email: leeweisert at gmail dot com